The flavors of holy names, sutras, and mantras

Hello dear friends, after some practices, I feel that different Buddha / Bodhisattva names, sutras, mantras or Dharanis have different flavor(effect)s. Many friends also have some experience about chanting holy-names/sutras/mantras/Dharanis. I would now like to share them with all you friends.

The meanings of the marks:
(1) - My personal experience in normal state;
(2) - My personal experience in special state;
(*) - The experiences told by other practitioners;
(?) - Unsure.

In general, all the holy names/sutras/mantras/Dharanis can eliminate bad karmic obstructions and debts for others or self, the followings are specific characteristics of each of them:

Amitabha / Namo Amitabha:
(1) Refreshing cool; brilliant light(can protect the practitioner); joy(can eliminate your bad mood); heart open; gentle; supplies life-energy; makes your body agile; ameliorates your relationship with others.
(2) A very strong joy filled up the upper part of my body, that joy is far greater than the normal joy. (close to Remembering-Buddha Samadhi?)
(*) Brilliant light; joy; warm flow; fragrance; wishes come true; often can know the future events; cure illness; pull upward(The chanter would feel that his soul is being pulled upward by a strength, this upward strength may counteract the downward strength of his own karma, so that he can fly up freely); saw the light from the tuft of white hair between the Buddha's eyebrows.

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum (Six-Words-Great-Enlightening-Dharani):
(1) Refreshing cool at the center of the heart; sometimes at the throat, mouth, and head also feel the Refreshing cool; eliminates the three poisons(greed, anger and ignorance); improve your wisdom
(*) Refreshing cool; eliminates the three poisons; improve wisdom.

Shurangama Mantra (Heart):
(1) A large area of the chest feels the Refreshingly cool sensation; reduce leak; reduce lustful desire; overcomes the desire of meat eating; improves your wisdom; makes you clear-headed and energetic; makes you look more handsome; reduces desires to make keeping precepts easier; seldom dream or not having any dream at all; dispels evil spirits.
(2) made a secure protective boundary; vibration
(*) Reduces lustful desire; clear-headed and energetic; precepts keeping become easier

Shurangama Sutra, The four clear and decisive instructions on purity:
(*) Reduces lustful desire

Medicine Master Buddha Dharani:
(1) Refreshing cool; cure illness; seldom dream/not having dream. The flavor of this Dharani is a bit similar to Shurangama Mantra, later I know from the sutra that this Dharani is also a Buddha-Summit(Usnisa) Dharani
(*) cures illness, helps release lower beings from their woeful state to a higher level when reciting in meditation

Great compassion Dharani:
(1) Refreshing cool; nourishes the body; removes the dreggy things in the body; cures illness; reduces leaking; reduces lustful desire; makes you look younger and more beautiful.
(2) The Refreshing cool energy filled up the whole body, illness and pains suddenly disappeared.
(*)Refreshing cool; feel peaceful; heart open, brilliant light, cure illness for one self or for other people; reduce lustful desire; overcome the greed for meat eating; skin become better; fragrance; wishes become true; body become lithesome; prevent aging; saw the Dharma-guarding gods.

Namo Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (or Kuan Shr Yin/Kun Sye Yum)
(1) Refreshing cool; joy;
(*) makes one become happier; cures illness; reduces lustful desire; brings peace around you and for all the warring / angry beings; gives you protection from dangers; gives you a deep feeling of friendship and compassion to beings; help you cultivate these virtues

Ksitigarbha(Earth Repository) Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra:
(1) Warm; comforting; eliminates fears; reduces the greed for meat eating; makes you arouse Bodhi-Heart; makes you look more righteous; makes your mind concentrate
(*) Fragrance; reduces the greed for meat eating; wishes come true; often see companion in dreams; gets future premonition. allows you to make connection with the other world dimensions to help the sentient beings in suffering with transference of merits like at the Ksitigarbha ceremonies at the 7th month; protects you when you feel being in fear of any evil beings or in situations that is uncomfortablely evil; gives you a deep feeling of compassion for the suffering beings, when you feel them suffering and so pitiful you forgive their evil sins.

Cundi Dharani (heart):
(1) Refreshing cool; brilliant light; heart open; reduces leak; reduces lustful desire.
(2) Very wonderful Dharma-flavor, difficult to describe.
(*) Reduces lustful desire; wishes come true.

Wonderful Dharma Lotus Sutra (Lotus Sutra):
(1) Help you to arouse Bodhi-Heart
(2) A very strong brilliant light emitted forth from the heart, even the people outside several meters can feel it; The Refreshing cool, cozy, joyful, and energetic feeling filled up the whole body for more than one day.
(*) Dharma-joy; cure illness; saw Samantabhadra Bodhisattva; Reduce lustful desire

Namo Myue Fard Lin Wah Ging("Namo Wonderful Dharma Lotus Sutra" in Cantonese):
(1) Very wonderful Dharma-flavor, difficult to describe, consists of the effects of heart open, brilliant light, Dharma-joy, Refreshing cool, life energy, etc., very delicious.

All Buddhs' heart secret whole-body Sharira precious-box mark Dharani:
(1) makes one's heart open; supplies life energy; makes you look more handsome; sometimes feel the Dharma-joy
(*) Saw that every thing around is circumambulating

Om a ra pa ca na dhih (Manjusri's five-words Dharani):
(1) Refreshing cool;
(*) vibration

Om Vajra Sattva Hum (Vajra-sattva's heart Dharani):
(1) Refreshing cool;
(*) cures illness; chanting the full 100 words mantra can make all the sentient beings around be attentive and want to listen to it and all very orderly

According to our experience, how big the effect of mantra-chanting could be, is dependent on the following aspects:
* How great your faith is; how much you believe in it
* How wide your heart open. The greatest heart-open state is Samadhi, chanting mantra in this state can get the greatest effect. To open your heart, you have to arouse Bodhi-Heart, that is, the resolve to save all living beings, the deep compassion to all living beings.
* How sincere you are;
* How well do you keep precepts;
* How diligent you are

I feel that the energy gained by holy-names/sutras/mantras chanting are spiritual foods. Wonderful Dharma Lotus Sutra says:

The living beings in that land will always take two kinds of food: The first, the food of Dharma-joy and the second, the food of Dhyana-happiness

I really believe it.

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