The Karma retributions for various sexual misconducts

Upasaka Precepts Sutra (Taisho Tripitaka 1488) says:
Buddha Spoken Mahayana Sutra on the Merits of Making Buddha Images (Taisho Tripitaka 0694) says:
More Sutra citations on this subject (in Chinese): 各種邪婬之果報

Are Desires Natural?

Some people may define their desires as "natural", however, we should note that Desire Realm is one of the Three Realms, and the living beings in the heavens above Desire Realm do not have sexual desire, so, sexual desire is not "natural" for all living beings.

Let's consider this: If a prisoner is working under the force of a turnkey, is this prisoner free? Is this situation "natural" for the prisoner? Likewise, many mundane people are the slaves of their desires, their desires command them to do many things and they cannot refuse. Some people are accustomed to the commands of their desires so that they think their behaviors are "natural", but in fact, they are under the force of their habit-energies -- the inertia that make them go farther and farther from their true nature. Thus, in order to return to the nature and achieve the real freedom, one must get rid of his inertia.

For another example, if the gasoline tank of your car is leaking, do you think this situation is "natural"? Ok you can let it remain "natural" but your car will have no energy and will finally be unable to run. Likewise, a living being's body is leaking. The precepts can repair the leaking so that the body, or the universe, will be healthy.

Abhidharmakosakarika says:
Sutra Citations on the nine holes:

Mahaparinirvana Sutra says:
Mahaparinirvana Sutra says:





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