Avatamsaka Sutra

(Taisho Tripitaka 0279)

Translated into English by Thomas Cleary

Volume 6: Appearance of the Tathagata


The Buddha's body fills the cosmos,
Appearing before all beings everywhere-
In all conditions, wherever sensed, reaching everywhere,
Yet always on this seat of enlightenment.

In each of the Buddha's pores
Sit Buddhas as many as atoms in all the lands,
Surrounded by masses of enlightening beings
Expounding the supreme practice of the universally good.

Buddha, sitting at rest on the enlightenment seat,
Displays in one hair oceans of fields;
The same is true of every single hair,
Thus pervading the cosmos.

He sits in each and every land,
Pervading the lands one and all;
Enlightening beings from everywhere gather,
All coming to the enlightening scene.


The profound knowledge of the Buddha
Enters everywhere in the cosmos:
Able to operate in accord with all times,
It is a clear guide for the world.

The Buddhas have the same reality-body -
It depends on nothing, is without distinction;
It causes beings to see Buddha in physical form
According to their intellects.

Replete with all knowledge,
Buddha knows all things:
In all lands,
Everything is evident.

Buddha's bodies, lights, and physical forms
Are all inconceivable.
Sentient beings who believe
He causes to see them according to potential.

In one Buddha-body
He produces infinite Buddhas,
Thunderous sound pervading all lands
Expounding the teaching, the deep ocean of thusness.

In each hair pore
Are webs of light pervading all quarters,
Intoning the sublime voices of Buddha,
Taming the hard to tame.

From the Buddha's light
Issues deep and wondrous sound
Extolling the Buddha's ocean of virtues
And the practices of enlightening beings.


Buddha's body is always apparent,
Filling the entire cosmos,
Always intoning far-reaching sound
Shaking all lands in all quarters.

Buddha manifests bodily everywhere,
Entering into all worlds,
Revealing occult spiritual power
According to the inclinations of beings.

Buddha appears before all beings
In accordance with their minds;
What the sentient beings see
Is the Buddha's mystic power.

His radiance has no bounds
And his teaching too is infinite;
Buddha children enter and observe
According to their knowledge.

The Buddha's body has no birth
Yet can appear to be born.
The nature of reality is like space:
Therein do the Buddhas dwell.

No abiding, yet no departing:
Everywhere the Buddha's seen;
His light reaches everywhere,
His fame is heard afar.

No substance, no abode,
And no origin that can be found;
No signs, no form:
What appears is like reflections.


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