The Sacred Vows from The Sutra of Infinite Life

I establish the Vows unexcelled,
and reach the Highest Path, Bodhi,
Were these Vows unfulfilled,
I would never attain Enlightenment.

I will be the great provider,
throughout innumerable kalpas,
Should I fail to save all in need,
I would never attain Enlightenment.

Upon my attaining Enlightenment,
If my Name were not heard anywhere,
in the ten quarters of the universe,
I would never attain Enlightenment.

Practicing the Holy Way -- selflessness,
Depth in right reflection and pure wisdom,
Aspiring toward the highest path,
I will be the teacher of devas and men.

My wondrous power by its great light,
Brightens the countless lands throughout,
Removes the darkness of the three defilements,
And delivers all from suffering and pain.

Opening the eyes of Wisdom,
I will end this darkness of ignorance.
Blocking all the paths of evil,
I will open the gate to Attainment.

Having attained Buddhahood untainted,
my august air shall illumine the ten quarters.
The sun and the moon being outshone,
the celestial lights shall hide in shame.

I will open the Dharma-storehouse
and bestow upon all the treasure of my virtues.
Constantly going among the masses,
I will preach the Dharma with a lion's roar.

Paying homage to all the Buddhas,
I will be endowed with all virtues.
Vows and Wisdom completely realized,
I will be master of the three worlds.

As Buddha's wisdom unimpeded
has no place its light cannot reach,
so my power of Merit and Wisdom
Shall be equal to the Honored One's.

If my vows be certainly fulfilled,
May this whole universe quake.
And may the host of devas
Rain wondrous blossoms from the sky.