Asvaghosha's Discourse on the Awakening of Faith in Mahayana

(Taisho Tripitaka 1666)

Adoration & Discourse

ADORATION to the World-honored Ones (Bhagavat) in all the ten quarters, who universally produce great benefits, whose wisdom is infinite and transcendent, and who save and guard [all beings].

[Adoration] to the Dharma whose essence and attributes are like the ocean, revealing to us the principle of anatman and forming the storage of infinite merits.

[Adoration] to the congregation (samgha) of those who assiduously aspire after perfect knowledge (samyaksambodhi).

That all beings (sarvasattva) may rid themselves of doubt, become free from evil attachment, and, by the awakening of faith, inherit Buddha-seeds, I write this Discourse.

FOR the purpose of awakening in all beings a pure faith in Mahayana, of destroying their doubts and attachment to false doctrines, and of affording them an uninterrupted inheritance of Buddha-seeds, I write this Discourse.

There is a principle whereby the root of faith in Mahayana can be produced, and I shall explain it.

The explanation consists of five parts:

I. Introductory.

II. General Statement of Principles.

III. The Explanation Itself.

IV. The Practice of Faith.

V. Benefits [derived therefrom].

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