The Past (History) Can be Created by A Present Observer

Historical materialism is wrong

This idea is based on the consistent histories interpretation of quantum mechanics.

This approach says that the result of a quantum observation (say, a particle hitting the screen in the double-slit experiment) is used to determine the past history of that particle.

Hence, there is an element of "changing the past to fit the present". For example, in the delayed-choice double-slit experiment, once the particle hits the screen the past history of that particle is selected as one in which the particle passed through the slit that was not blocked.

"Observations you make on a system affect its past." This refers to the ideas of Wheeler.

"We will see that, like a particle, the universe doesn't have just a single history, but every possible history, each with its own probability; and our observations of its current state affect its past and determine the different histories of the universe, just as the observations of the particles in the double-slit experiment affect the particles' past."

For more about this idea of "retrocausality", including a description of the delayed-choice double-slit experiment, see this New Scientist article, or Stephen Hawking's arXiv paper Cosmology from the Top Down, astro-ph/0305562, which considers retrocausality at the cosmological level: "The histories of the universe depend on what is being measured, contrary to the usual idea that the universe has an objective, observer-independent history"

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