Vimalakirti Sutra

Translated into Chinese during Yil Tson Dynasty by Kumarajiva

(Taisho Tripitaka 0475)

Translated into English by Robert A. F. Thurman

Chapter 01: Purification of the Buddha-Field
Chapter 02: Inconceivable Skill in Liberative Technique
Chapter 03: The Disciples' Reluctance to Visit Vimalakirti
Chapter 04: The Reluctance of the Bodhisattvas
Chapter 05: The Consolation of the Invalid
Chapter 06: The Inconceivable Liberation
Chapter 07: Observing Living Beings
Chapter 08: The Family of the Tathagatas
Chapter 09: The Dharma-Door of Nonduality
Chapter 10: Fragrance Accumulation Buddha
Chapter 11: The Practices of Bodhisattvas
Chapter 12: Vision of the Universe Abhirati and the Tathagata Aksobhya
Chapter 13: Antecedents and Transmission of the Holy Dharma
Chapter 14: Entrustment