The Dharani Sutra of Hundred Thousand Seals, Spoken by the Buddha

(Taisho Tripitaka 1369b)

Translated from Sanskrit into Chinese by Tripitaka Master Sikshananda during Torng Dynasty

Thus have I heard, at one time the Buddha was staying in Mount Gridhrakuta in Rajagraha, along with the great Bhikshus and countless Bodhisattvas.

At that time the Bhagavan told the Bhikshus: "There is a Dharani called Hundred Thousand Seals, You all should accept and hold it. Before reciting this Dharani you should first pay homage to Golden-Vast-Appearance-Bright-Banner Buddha."

Then, Sakyamuni Buddha spoke the Root-Dharani:

Tadyatha (1)
Om (2)
Bodhi Bodhi Bodhi Bodhi (3)
Sarva Tathagata Kutzara (4)
Dhara Dhara (5)
Hara Hara (6)
Prahara Prahara (7)
Maha Bodhicitta (8)
Tzulu Tzulu (9)
Tzidoga Sumisan Tzue Dei Di (10)
Sarva Tathagata Dhistzaa Abhisidi (11)
Kuning Kuna Padi (12)
Buddha Kuna Pasa Si (13)
Mili Mili (14)
Gagana Dali (15)
Sarva Tathagata Dhistzidi Napa Sadali (16)
Yama Yama (17)
Prayama Prayama (18)
Sarva Pa Pa Prayamaning (19)
Sarva Pa Pa Bisudaning (20)
Hulu Hulu Bodhi Moga Sambra Sitaidi (21)
Sarva Tathagata Pra Dhistzido Suti Svaha (22)

Then, the Bhagavan spoke further the Heart-Dharani for the great assembly:

Om Sarva Tathagata-avalokite Seye Seye Svaha

Then, the Bhagavan spoke further the Core-Heart-Dharani:

Om Hulu Hulu Seung Ye Mu Kai Savaha

"If any Bhikshus, Bhikshunis, Upasakas, Upasikas, or other men or women with pure faith, when building a Tower (Stupa), write down this Dharani and put it into the Tower, they will gain the specially superior merits of building hundreds of thousands of Towers."

Then, having heard the Buddha's words, the whole assembly, including the Bhikshus, the eightfold group of gods, dragons, and so forth, were delighted. They then began upholding and practicing the teachings.

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