The Blue Cliff Record

(The translations of the sayings of the Zen masters are inaccurate)

1. Bodhidharma's Clear and Void
4. Tokusan With His Bundle
7. Echo Asks About Buddha
10. Bokushu's idiot
13. Haryo's silver bowl
16. Kyosei Picking and Pecking
19. Gutei's one finger
22. Seppo's Poisonous Snake
25. The Hermit of Lotus Peak
28. Nansen's Dharma That Has Never Been Preached
31. Mayoku Circles Around The Master's Dais
34. Kyozan's Not Wandering
37. Banzan's Not One Thing In The Three Worlds
40. Nansen And The Flower
43. Tozan's Cold And Heat
46. Kyosei And The Raindrops
49. Sansho's Net
52. Joshu's Stone Bridge
55. Dogo's Condolence Visit
58. Joshu And The Pitfall
61. Fuketsu's House And Nation
64. Joshu And The Sandals
67. Fu Daishi Expounds The Sutra
70. Isan's Speak Master
73. Ba And One Hundred Negations
76. Tanka's Eating Rice
79. Tosu And The Buddha's Voices
82. Dairyu And The Dharma-Body
85. Toho And The Tiger
88. Gensha's Three Diseases
91. Enkan And The Rhinoceros
94. Non-Seeing In The Ryogon Sutra
97. Getting Despised In The Diamond Sutra
100. Haryo And The Sharpest Sword
2. Joshu's Supreme Way
5. Seppo's Grain Of Rice
8. Suigan's Eyebrows
11. Obaku's Drinkers Of Lees
14. Unmon's Preaching Fittingly
17. Kyorin's Sitting For A Long Time
20. Suibi And The Chin Rest
23. Hofuku And Chokei Go On A Picnic
26. Hyakujo On Daiyu Peak
29. Daizui And The Kalpa Fire
32. Jo And The Essence Of Buddhism
35. Manjusri's Three Three
38. Fuketsu's Heart Seal
41. Joshu's Great Death
44. Kasan's Beat The Drum
47. Unmon's Six
50. Unmon And The Dust Dust Samadhi
53. Hyakujo And The Wild Ducks
56. Kinzan And The Arrow
59. Joshu's Supreme Way
62. Unmon's One Treasure
65. A Non-buddhist Questions Buddha
68. Kyozan And Your Name
71. Goho's Close
74. Kingyu's Rice Bucket
77. Unmon's Rice Cake
80. Joshu And A Newborn Infant
83. The Old Buddha And A Pillar
86. Unmon's Bright Light
89. Ungan's Hands And Eyes
92. The Buddha Ascends To The Rostrum
95. Chokei's Three Poisons
98. Tempyo's Two Wrongs
3. Master Ba Is Ill
6. Unmon's Good Day
9. Joshu's Four Gates
12. Tozan's Three Pounds Of Hemp
15. Unmon's Preaching In The Reverse
18. The National Teacher's Gravestone
21. Chimon's Lotus
24. Tetsuma The Cow
27. Unmon's Complete Exposure
30. Joshu's Giant Radishes
33. Chinso Has One Eye
36. Chosa Goes Picnicking
39. Unmon's Garden Fence
42. Ho Koji's Beautiful Snow
45. Joshu's Cloth Robe
48. Tea At Shokei Temple
51. Seppo's What Is This
54. Unmon Stretches His Arms
57. Joshu And The Bumpkin
60. Unmon's Staff
63. Nansen Kills A Cat
66. Ganto And The Sword
69. Nansen Draws A Circle
72. Ungan's Can You
75. Ukyu's Blind Stick
78. The Boddhisattvas Take A Bath
81. Yakusan's Look The Arrow
84. Vimalakirti And Not-Two
87. Unmon's Medicine And Disease
90. Chimon And The Prajna Wisdom
93. Taiko Dances
96. Joshu's Three Turning Words
99. Shukuso And The Ten Bodies Buddha